Roxatone AMA is an acrylic multi-fleck coating designed specifically for use on surfaces that require an exceptionally durable finish combined with decorative qualities. 

This coating is ideally suited for application on projects subjected to excessive foot traffic, exposure to exterior elements, and commercial projects that require extra durability and washability.

•  Waterbased Formula

•  Higher Scrub Resistance

•  Semi-Gloss Finish

•  Low Voc

Roxatone AMA is a high-impact coating specifically for application on a variety of projects such as, Plane, Boat, and Bus Interiors. Can also be applied on Furniture, Public Restrooms, Equipment, Machinery, Exterior Surfaces, and Airstream Restoration Projects.

Roxatone AMA is completely water-based and non toxic. It complies with all state, provincial, and federal requirements for coatings emmisions. We can match competitors color selections or choose from our AMA 90 series color-chart.

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  • 1 Gallon minimum order
  • Custom Colors available
  • 7 - 10 days for delivery
  • Visa - Mastercard accepted
  • Call 1-888-339-1238
  • It's that easy !

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• 100% waterbased
• Hvlp or Conventional sprayer applied
•Tough durable acrylic finish