Airplane Interiors

Roxatone AMA has been used on airplane
interiors for many years. A tough and durable finish with unique decorative qualities makes Roxatone AMA an ideal coating for commercial, hobby, or any size airplane project. Can be applied to properly prepared and primed fibreglass plane interior.

Extra level durability

Roxatone AMA is a high impact interior/exterior multi-fleck coating. Exceptionally durable, decorative, and used on a variety of projects that require an extra level of strength and durability. Plane Interiors / Flower Pots / Bus and Boat Interiors are ideal projects for this dynamic, waterbased finish

Boat Interiors

Roxatone AMA can be used on boat interiors. Wall panels, bulkheads and dashboards are a prime location for the Roxatone AMA finish. Easy to apply using hvlp spray equipment, Roxatone AMA will provide a decorative and durable paint fnish to any surface of the boat that remains above the water level.  

Exterior Uses

Roxatone AMA can be used on a variety of exterior surfaces or items placed and used outside. Clay flower pots, Light poles, or any commercial / residential surface that requires a durable decorative exterior coating. 

R O X A T O N E  A M A 



Boat Interiors

Plane Interiors

Public Transit

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